3 reasons You Should Consider Buying Imported Office Furniture

In the past, many office furniture distributors, wholesalers, and retailers have been hesitant to buy imported office furniture and office chairs. They are afraid that the quality of these products will be low and they will not last long. But now, with the development of technology, importing furniture from China has become easier than ever.

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The following are the 3 main advantages of buying imported office furniture.

1. It is much cheaper than buying locally-produced products and this means you can save a lot of money on your purchase.

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As an example, an office chair that you get for US$85-100 locally in Brazil, costs only US$20-25 when you import it from China. Even if you add freight and duty, the landed cost of an imported office chair, work chair, or any other item of office furniture will be significantly cheaper than a local purchase especially when you buy in bulk for resale or for a large commercial contract or project.


2. Imported office furniture is typically made out of higher quality materials, which will last longer and require less maintenance than their locally-produced counterparts.

With advancements in technology and large-scale production, imported office furniture and office chairs is possible to get in very high-quality materials that are water proof, termite-proof, rust-proof, fire-proof, and last really long.
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Whether it is the componentry of the chairs, the Grade 3 Gas Lifts, the chrome-plated base or the tilt mechanism, the ergonomics or the Leather, PU, or Mesh upholstery, the quality of the imported office furniture is likely to be far above what can be produced locally. This makes it easier for you as a business to establish your own brand as a reseller of premium high-quality products and get your stocks easily through a robust supply chain.
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3. There are many more options available to you when you buy imported office furniture which means you can find exactly what you want much more quickly and easily.

All humans crave variety and freshness but fortunately, the office furniture business is not prone to very frequent fluctuations in style, colors, and fashion, so our inventory does not become dead stock at the end of a season and can continue to be sold. But having the flexibility of multiple styles and mixing them up in a container to get many styles, the latest technology, and materials, gives us much more freshness in our showroom and we can get lesser MOQs with more variety of products at different price points.

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Stellar is an office furniture and office chair manufacturer in China that has been in the business for over 32 years and exports office furniture and office chairs to over 80 countries worldwide. We regularly export office furniture and office chairs like work chairs, and ergonomic office chairs to hundreds of retail stores and retail chains and have helped plan and execute several large-scale projects in different parts of the world from co-working places to commercial offices, government buildings, educational institutions – schools & colleges, libraries, and auditoria.


Get in touch with us if you’re looking for an office chair and office furniture manufacturer or if you’re planning any large-scale commercial project and need help with any type of commercial furniture.

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