8 Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture


As offices around the world have restarted and people are once more coming back to work at offices, one of the important debates among office decision-makers concerning office furniture is whether the business should buy new office furniture, or just stick with/re-purpose old furniture.

Ultimately any business decision hinges on the bottom line and if a move isn’t worth the investment in resources on the part of the company, then it won’t come to fruition. In the case of furniture, many businesses see sticking with old furniture as the better option, primarily as a cost-saving measure. And while it’s true that this may reduce costs in the short term, in the long term buying may be a better decision. Learn what the benefits of buying new office furniture are in this blog.
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The Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture


1. It freshens up the office space

One of the biggest benefits of buying new office furniture is that it will freshen up your office space. Drab and worn office furniture can put a damper on everyone’s moods but new office furniture, office chairs, and work chairs can breathe some fresh life into the space and lift everyone up.

2. It shows customers that you are invested

Another benefit of purchasing new office furniture is that it shows your customers and clients that you are invested. An influx of cash to freshen up the office space shows everyone that you are serious and committed to your business, which can improve the perception that customers and potential clients have of you.
3. It is ergonomically friendly
Newer office furniture is also ergonomically friendly. Older office furniture is not only outdated, but it also can detract from you and your workers’ health. Newer office furniture and office chairs are more ergonomic, which is better for health because it supports good posture.
4. It boosts employee morale and productivity
Last, but certainly not least, new office furniture can boost employee morale and productivity. With bright, stylish new office furniture and work chairs, employees will be excited to come to work and their morale can actually increase, which can lead to improved productivity.
5. It’s More Comfortable
Office Furniture manufacturers are constantly innovating and striving to find the most ergonomic, efficient, and comfortable designs for office furniture and office chairs. If your office furniture is old and out of date, it might be holding you back more than you realize. Modern office furniture emphasizes efficiency and productivity and is designed for modern office space and modern technology. This is a major justification for the purchase of new furniture.
6. You Get a New Warranty
It’s likely that whatever warranty you have on your current office furniture is almost up, or has already expired. A new warranty is essentially insurance on your investment. If something does happen to the new product, a good warranty will allow you to replace it without incurring additional expenses. The same can’t be said for old furniture.
7. It’s Tax Deductible
The two words any business owner loves to hear. Small businesses can deduct the cost of new furniture as a business expense. Talk to your tax advisor for more information.
8. It Will Catch Your Clients’ Eyes
Clients who visit your office space will infer a lot about your company based on what they see. A client that sees you’re upgrading your space with new furniture will see that you’re willing to make investments in your company for growth and expansion. New furniture is a great way to make an excellent first impression to new clients.
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