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Many companies and project managers often base their office furniture purchasing decisions on the physical appearance of products and don’t think much about the materials, their longevity, safety, or resistance to termites, rust, fire, water, etc. So we’re happy to share what materials most office desks and workstations are made of, so you can make an informed choice when buying for your #OfficeFurniture retail business or as a Project Manager executing any #CommercialProjects.

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You don’t have to be a materials engineer or an expert interior designer but still it won’t harm you to get some knowledge on the subject before placing any furniture orders for your office space or retail store.

Nowadays the typical materials used to build contemporary office furniture include melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), glass, and wood veneers.

Below is a range of fun must-know facts about these listed materials that you may find interesting to know more about and will help you in choosing the best material for the office furniture.


Materials for the Office Furniture:

1: Melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) is the preferred choice of office furniture material nowadays for most modern office applications as it is eco-friendly, safe, strong, and durable. Many of us don’t know the difference between MFC and MDF which are both quite stable, but MFC is considered to be better when it comes to safety & health considerations as MDF can release dangerous carcinogenic particles while being cut or when damaged. It doesn’t make sense to go for low-quality, weaker goods that would break after a short period of time and rather invest in better quality and more durable MFC furniture instead.
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2: Wood veneer is another eco-friendly material and can be easily recycled compared to other materials as less natural wood is used in production. Instead, only very thin slices of wood are used from a tree log. Wood veneer tables were fashionable at one time and also very much in demand as they were very cost-efficient compared to hardwood furniture, but they are popular in only a few markets these days as MFC has mostly replaced these.

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3. Glass Tops Several offices across the world, still invest in glass tables and desks. It is still fashionable as it was for many decades. One of the key reasons for this could be due to the fact that it gives an illusion of space and goes well with other materials that accompany the glass furniture like wood or marble. According to historical data, glass coffee tables were first introduced in the Victorian era. During this time the base of these coffee tables would normally be formed of wood and the surface would be made out of glass. Some findings have interestingly also shown that the existence of coffee tables actually became most prevalent in the 1950s. This is the period when people started to firmly believe that coffee tables as seen on television were essential living room furniture items.

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4. Hardwood tables and desks are still made and used widely due to their strength and aesthetic appeal. However, wood furniture is very heavy and difficult to move around. That also means it is unviable to sell online due to huge logistics costs. Wooden furniture is also vulnerable to termites and water – if left exposed to moisture, it can split and swell. Lastly, wooden furniture is difficult to assemble and needs a good carpenter to put together, another huge disadvantage in the DIY culture of today.
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To sum up:

It may be helpful to focus beyond the physical appearance of office furniture or office chair we buy and to acquire a better understanding of the materials and functionality of these goods.


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