Create the right first impression from your Office Reception Area

The Reception Area is the first place your Employees, Clients and Visitors get introduced to. Hence a well-thought layout of your Reception Area with the right furnishings and styling can go a long way in creating a strong first impression. Whether it’s a candidate for an interview or a VIP visitor, you get one chance to set the tone and define the company’s culture and personality.

Here are a few tips on how you can make the right first impression from your office reception area:

1. Space Layout –

Design the reception space layout as per your business requirements. If your business requires frequent visitors, consider having a waiting room with a comfortable seating area. It is also a good idea to have refreshments and a magazine/newspaper rack for the visitors. The reception area should be clean and uncluttered causing no obstruction in mobility and hence creating a more welcoming space.

2. Select the Right Colors –

Selecting the right colours for your reception area can help create the energies and synergies you want your brand to project. For example, colours such as blue and green are considered to be natural colours and can set a warm tone and have a calming effect. For a bold and upbeat look, consider bright and vibrant coloured accents.

3. Lights –

There is nothing more appealing than having natural light. Natural light gives a more warm and welcoming feeling. Consider having large windows in your reception area to keep it well-lit naturally. Additionally, you can select stylish modern LED lights that highlight the right places and sets the right tone.

4. Design and Decor-

Selecting the right pattern and texture of interiors can set the right tone in making a small space look spacious. Eye-catching artworks are a really good idea to add aesthetics to your office reception. It is really important to place your brand logo in the reception area where it is most visible. Consider putting indoor plants making it look nature friendly.

5. Selecting the right furniture-

Use the right furniture as per the size of the reception area. If the reception area is small, consider using sleek furniture which occupies less space and makes it look airier. Use comfortable chairs and sofas for your visitors. The reception desk should be of the right size and design as per your business needs.

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