High Back Vs Mid Back Office Chairs

26,000 hours and more – that’s the average time for which an Office Chair is used, with people spending 8-10 hours in the chair and using it for over 10-12 years. Doesn’t that make it a crucial investment for any workplace?  And if you are in the business of retailing work chairs and business furniture, here’s a blog about the difference between 2 main types of office chairs – the High Back and the Mid Back!

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If your customers primarily work in offices or spend long hours sitting, high-back chairs might be a better choice. For casual settings or smaller spaces, mid-back chairs may be more suitable. Retailers can cater to various needs by offering a mix of high-back and mid-back chairs, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences and budget.

Types of Office Chairs


Office chairs offer various styles to ensure your work hours are comfortable. One widely favored option is ergonomic chairs, specially crafted for optimal comfort and support. These chairs come in three main types: high-back, mid-back, and visitor chairs.


High-back chairs, also known as executive chairs, are equipped with headrests, providing additional support for your entire back. This makes them ideal for extended work sessions, and they are designed as revolving chairs, allowing easy movement.

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Mid-back chairs, lacking headrests, also feature a revolving design, ensuring flexibility during work. These chairs focus on providing comfort and support without the need for a headrest.


Visitor chairs are designed for guests and meetings, with fixed legs for stability. They are crafted to offer comfort in brief seating situations.


The rise in popularity of ergonomic chairs, including high-back and mid-back variations, is attributed to their emphasis on comfort and posture. Whether you’re in a leadership role or part of the team, these office chairs aim to provide the necessary support for your demanding workdays.


Difference between High back vs Mid back Office Chairs


High-back chairs are taller and have a headrest, while mid-back chairs are a bit shorter and are not having headrest. A headrest is like a cushion at the back of the chair that supports your head and neck, making you feel more comfortable.


High-back chairs are great for long work hours because the headrest gives extra support to your head, neck, and shoulders. On the other hand, mid-back chairs are simpler in design and don’t always include a headrest.


High-back chairs can be more expensive than mid-back chairs because of the presence of headrests.


So, when selling chairs, it’s good to know that some people prefer the extra support from a headrest, while others like the simplicity of chairs without one. Giving customers these options ensures they can pick the chair that suits their comfort and style preferences.


These two chairs are almost the same, except for one thing – one has a headrest, and the other doesn’t. Now, let’s check out the different types and ways you can adjust the headrest to make it just right for you.

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Types of Headrests:

3D Headrest:

The 3D headrest is super flexible! It moves up and down (1D), tilts forward and backward (2D), and even swings from side to side (3D). This means you can adjust it in all directions, finding the perfect spot to cradle your head no matter how you’re sitting. It’s like having a headrest that adapts to your every move, helping you find the most comfortable angles for your posture.

2D Headrest:

Now, the 2D headrest is a bit simpler. It adjusts in two ways, probably up and down (1D) and tilting forward and backward (2D). While it may not swivel as much as the 3D version, it still gives you lots of options to find just the right support for your neck and head. So, whether you prefer the full flexibility of 3D or the simplicity of 2D, these headrests are all about making your sitting experience comfy and customized.

Adjustable Features of a Headrest:


Headrests can be customized in a bunch of cool ways! Check out these adjustments:

  • Height Adjustment: Move the headrest up and down to match your height and how you’re sitting.

  • Angle Adjustment: Tilt the headrest forward or backward until it feels just right for your neck.

  • Pivot: Swivel the headrest from side to side, so it hugs your head even if you lean a bit.

  • Depth Adjustment: Slide the headrest closer or farther away from your back to suit different head shapes and what feels comfy to you.

These features make your headrest super adaptable, ensuring it’s just the way you like it for the perfect sitting experience!

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Advantages of having a Headrest:


Explore how well-adjusted headrests not only cradle your head and neck, reducing muscle tension but also promote improved posture, offering a stylish and supportive solution for both work and relaxation.

Comfort and Support:

  • A well-adjusted headrest in office chairs cradles your head and neck, reducing muscle tension and fatigue, and making long periods of sitting more comfortable.

  • Particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing neck or shoulder pain, as the headrest provides extra support.

Improved Posture:

  • Some office chairs with headrests encourage proper posture by aligning your head and spine.

  • This alignment helps prevent slouching and hunching, reducing the risk of back pain and headaches.

Relaxation and Breaks:

  • Leaning back and resting your head on a headrest during work provides a mini-break, promoting relaxation.

  • Helps ease the strain on your eyes and neck during extended work sessions, contributing to a more comfortable environment.

For furniture retailers, highlighting these benefits of headrests in office chairs emphasizes the added value of ergonomic features. Customers seeking comfort, improved posture, and relaxation during work will find these chairs particularly appealing, making them a great addition to your product offerings.

Disadvantages of having a headrest:


Ensuring your office chair’s headrest is set up correctly is crucial for preventing neck pain. If not adjusted properly, it might even make things worse by putting pressure on the wrong areas. To avoid discomfort, make sure the headrest is at the right height and angle, catering to your unique needs. 


This is especially important for office chairs, work chairs, and revolving chairs, having headrests, designed for ergonomic support. Providing customers with guidance on adjusting headrests ensures they experience the full benefits of their chairs, promoting comfort and well-being during long hours of work.

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Conclusion: In this exploration of office chairs, we delved into the nuances of high-back and mid-back chairs, recognizing that the choice between the two is more than just a matter of aesthetics. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of headrests, as well as the importance of proper adjustment, empowers both retailers and customers to make informed decisions based on comfort and individual preferences.


As a furniture retailer in the realm of office furniture, acknowledging the significance of these differences provides you with valuable insights to cater to diverse customer needs. The journey through ergonomic designs, varying load capacities, and manufacturing innovations unveils the potential for creating stylish and comfortable workspaces.


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