Making space for new workstations

Making room for new workstations in an office can be an intimidating task, especially when you’re working with a blank, open space. Choosing the right furniture with dimensions that fit your floor plan and complement your style, can be difficult if not impossible, without proper 3D design and renderings that help conceptualize your space, before you take the purchase decision. This is where Stellar helps companies, interior designers, architects, and project managers to plan and execute projects with office furniture directly imported from Foshan, China – the furniture capital of the world.

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At Stellar, we are always excited to offer our free space planning services and guide our buyers or interior design partners through their office furniture-buying journey. Together we help establish a floor plan that addresses the company’s needs and find a combination of office furniture products that can bring the plan to life. 

With a mission to bring ergonomic revolving computer chairs and reasonably priced workspace furniture to those in need, Stellar provides quality manufacturing and services to offices in 80+ countries around the globe. This gives buyers and space planners the opportunity to express their creativity and design efficient functional offices easily and without any hassles. Stellar accomplishes this by providing a range of services including conceptualizing, planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and helping with import processes as well as logistics & shipping, making things easier for users and buyers worldwide.

Finding the Right Office Layout

Before our experts got to work, we try to get a solid understanding of our client’s goals for their new workstations. Whether they want spacious, semi-private workstations or closed private meeting rooms or if they want to create separations as a preventative health measure to limit the spread of germs and pathogens, such as Covid-19 we guide, consult and help to convert these ideas into reality at Stellar workspace solutions. Using this information, our space planning experts create a layout that adds the right amount of privacy and separation, while keeping the space open for communication and collaboration. 

Adding Privacy and Structure with Panel Systems

Stellar Acoustic Panels and Meeting Pods are a great way to add more purpose to an open space or area. An open-concept office can sometimes lack privacy and function because of its lack of closed rooms and Stellar structure and panel systems help create that structure in a non-permanent way. The great thing about panel systems is how customizable and reconfigurable they are. They come in a variety of sizes that can be pieced together to form semi-private walls that are the perfect fit for any space. They are also available in many materials, such as wood, fabric, plastic, composite sheets, and glass. We always try to ensure there is adequate provision for natural light as well as privacy in the spaces we plan. 

Putting the Workspaces Together with Office Furniture

This is the stage when we need to start planning the furniture – the reception, desks,

We outfitted each workstation with desks from This collection is designed with a timeless and professional style that lasts as long as the products themselves. To give employees more surface area and desk space, we used the which is perfect for work that is both computer based and paperwork based. 

Each desk features two pedestals that are attached on both ends of the L-shape configuration. This provides ample storage that can be used for office stationery, paperwork, personal belongings, and more. Both pedestals are also equipped with a built-in locking mechanism to keep items safe and secure. Lastly, we used the task chair to provide comfortable and supportive seating in each workstation. Ignition is simply designed with a breathable mesh back that is contoured to provide lasting lumbar support. The height, seat, and tilt controls adjust the chair to fit your body for a comfortable seating experience that feels customized.

Create a Space that Works for You 

Home Instead Instagram PostAfter installing Home Instead’s new office furniture, we were ecstatic to hear that they were happy with their new workstations and the help they received from Source via an Instagram Post. At Source Office Furniture, our number one priority is to provide top-notch, knowledgeable customer service that makes your office furnishing process easy, so you can get back to what you do. 

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