Modern Office Design Trends 2021

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

A lot has changed in 2021. Work from home has become a new normal, more people are working from home now more than ever. Even though many companies have the liberty of making their employees work from home, many companies do require employees working from the office. Modern offices in 2021 need a whole new perspective, social distancing and safety being at utmost priority. How will the new offices look like? What are the modern office design trends in 2021?

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Acoustic Furniture / Office Pods

Sound absorbing enclosed furniture designed to create better soundscapes & increase privacy. Acoustic office pods create quiet spaces for individuals and teams. Given this new way of working, open-plan offices and meeting rooms are the way forward. Unlike the boring image of cubicles we’re familiar with, these new office pods/desk pods are designed to block distractions and offer sound-proof and distraction-free comfort to focus on work. With beautiful and functional acoustic social distancing furniture, you’ll have a personal workspace just like home.


By creating your workplace around employee’s needs, you provide what they need to be healthy, productive, and engaged. Ergonomic design chairs and desks will enable your employees to be able to work for longer without back or neck pain. You need to make sure to provide that extra care and comfort, especially when employees are going to resume working from the office after working from the comfort of their homes. Ergonomic office chairs can help improve body posture, reduce pain and keep you focused throughout the day. Get your employees comfy and show them you want them to feel right at home by investing in the right ergonomic chair.

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Flexible Furniture

Office furniture, in 2021, has to be prepared to tackle changes and evolve quickly. Flexible Furniture is a new generation of moveable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit different spaces and purposes. The Dynamic Flexibility design trend focuses on making the most out of space. It allows for a complete transformation of environments from personal desk pods to the meeting room in no time. Empowering people to move a table, chair or light to make the space more functional for their work style or work need.


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Interactive Lounge Area

Staying at home has taught us the importance of social interaction, be it for work or on a personal level. Your team requires these interactions from time to time. Creating this space can boost employee engagement and can also make up for some recreational activities.

Sustainable Green Space

Creating a modern office is not only about looks, sustainability is the new trend. People at large are demanding that companies ensure that office space promotes sustainability and eco-responsibility. A workspace that promotes ecological and environmental balance. Modern offices that include plants, natural light are more productive and positive. Employees today want greenery in the workplace that goes beyond the odd desk plant. Bringing plants into the workplace adds exceptional beauty and a sense of calm to an otherwise drab space.

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