Say Goodbye to Wood And Hello to Melamine Faced Chipboards!

High level of demand for Furniture worldwide, is leading to increased furniture production, which is fueling logging and unsustainable timber extraction causing the rapid thinning the forests of Central Africa & elsewhere. The environmental impact of this is very real and visible already. But there are many commercially viable (far cheaper) alternatives, that also have other benefits and also help save the environment that we should consider when buying furniture especially as a business.

Today we talk about Melamine Faced Chipboards or MFC as a material, which looks identical to wood but offers several additional advantages.

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So What is MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard

MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard is a sandwich of one chipboard sheet amidst two protective layers impregnated with Melamine resin. The top layers are printed with the color or pattern required, so they can look identical to wood but can also be any other color of our choice. These layers are compressed & pasted together by pressing between plates which can even have a texture like wood. With increasingly better technology of the MFC boards have become more realistic in appearance and hard to differentiate from real wood. But the biggest benefit is that MFC uses a lot of recycled and renewable resources and is therefore far more sustainable and environment-friendly than timber.

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As a result, we get a material that is tough, heat, water, stain & termite resistant, and can easily withstand the harsh environment of any office or commercial use. Therefore MFC is also widely used in the hotel industry and for making kitchens, office furniture, office chairs, polycrystalline cabinets, restaurants, hotel fit outs, etc. These MFC sheets are normally made in large sizes like 3M or bigger and later cut to size using polycrystalline diamond cutters, and then edged by applying an edge band which is trimmed, scraped, corner rounded, buffed, and cleaned, to give you the final look of the finished product.


The benefits and how to take care of MFC furniture

MFC desks and office furniture are easy to maintain. As they are resistant to stains, water, termites, and scratches, they don’t need much maintenance and can be just cleaned with a regular detergent spray and then wiped clean using a moist cloth. The melamine surface is hard and lasts a very long time but the only care we need to take is not to drop anything very heavy and sharp which might cause the surface to be penetrated.

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Stellar is an office chair and office furniture manufacturer in China which manufactures Melamine office furniture of the highest quality at its 20,000 sq. meter office furniture factory in China and exports worldwide. With over 32 years in the business, Stellar fully understands the needs and aspirations of consumers across the world, designing products that match the quality of the best office furniture in the world.


If you are a Furniture Retailer or Interior Designer/Architect and looking to buy sustainable office furniture environment-friendly MFC Office Furniture, like office chairs, work chairs, etc. you must contact Stellar – a leading multi-national Office Furniture manufacturer. We also undertake end-to-end commercial furniture projects for large commercial spaces, universities, and hospitals. To discuss the needs of your organization and see how we can be of service. Write to us at

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