Shine Bright This Black Friday!

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it’s the most anticipated time of the year for businesses, including furniture stores. With a whopping 73.3% of consumers planning to shop during this grand sale, it’s a massive opportunity for your furniture business. To make the most of it, we’ll discuss how to prepare for Black Friday and the top three mistakes to avoid during Black Friday deals.

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We’ll also explore the importance of planning ahead and preparing for the sale season, including the right time to stock up for your furniture store and where to find quality products for Black Friday offers, discounts, and sales. Let’s get ready to unlock the potential of this exciting Black Friday shopping spree!


How to prepare for the Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale is a mark for the sale season to start, followed by Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year. All stores and websites will start their sale from November beginning. So when is the right time to stock up for your furniture store? How should you prepare for the sale season? Let’s discuss this.

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When to Stock Up?

To ensure a successful Black Friday sale, it’s essential for furniture retailers to plan ahead. As a regular importer, you should start your preparations in July. This timing allows you to finalize product selections, account for production time, and receive the container after transit by October, well in advance of the November sale season. By doing so, you’ll have enough time to prepare your stock and catalogs, ready to meet the demands of eager customers.


How to Prepare?

Market analysis is the key to preparing for the sale season. Understand your customers’ preferences – do they seek high-end products or more budget-friendly options? Pay attention to design preferences as well. Once you know what your customers need, look for reliable manufacturers who can deliver quality products on time. Carefully compare costs and product quality to make the best choices for your furniture store.


What to Offer?

Stay updated with general market trends to guide your product choices. Ergonomic furniture has gained popularity worldwide, especially with the rising demand for ergonomic desks and chairs for workplaces. Since the lockdown, the work-from-home trend has surged, leading customers to seek smart desks and chairs for their home offices. Standing tables are also a top trend for 2023. Trust Stellar’s global product experts to help you select the right products for your specific market, aligning with these trends.


Where to Find Quality Furniture?

Stellar, a renowned multinational company from China, has been manufacturing office furniture for over 32 years and exporting to 80+ countries. Known for its exceptional quality and cost-effective solutions, Stellar offers a wide range of office chairs, desks, work-from-home furniture, and more. Get in touch with the Stellar Team to discover how they can assist you in preparing your furniture store for the exciting Black Friday sale season.

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Top 3 mistakes to avoid on Black Friday:


1. Inadequate Preparation for Black Friday

The number one mistake to steer clear of on Black Friday is not preparing enough. Successful businesses start their peak season preparations as early as September. They plan their inventory purchases, design marketing collaterals, and set up customer support channels well in advance. Waiting until the last moment can catch you unprepared and result in unnecessary pressure during the crucial sales period.


2. Lack of Exclusivity in Offers

On Black Friday, every retailer offers discounts, making it essential to stand out from the crowd. While price reductions are common, it’s vital to offer something unique to attract customers. Instead of solely focusing on percentage discounts, consider offering additional benefits. For example, you can entice customers by offering a “Free Lumbar Support Cushion” with every purchase of an Ergonomic Chair, which is also available at an unprecedented 50% discount. This approach highlights the value-added benefit of the free cushion, shifting the focus from just the price.


3. Disabling Live Chat Support

Many businesses make the mistake of turning off their live chat support during Black Friday due to the overwhelming number of customer queries. However, failing to provide live chat assistance can lead to customer frustration and missed sales opportunities. Studies show that customers are 46% more likely to make a purchase when live chat is available. Therefore, ensure that you have enough staff to handle live chat during peak hours. If additional resources are limited, consider prioritizing live chat for high-value customers or deploying it during crucial stages of the buying journey, such as on the checkout page.



As Black Friday beckons with its immense sales potential, the furniture business must gear up to capitalize on this highly anticipated shopping extravaganza. It presents a massive opportunity to boost revenue and attract new customers. By planning ahead and initiating preparations as early as September, businesses can ensure a seamless and well-prepared Black Friday. Offering unique incentives, like “Free Lumbar Support Cushion” promotions alongside percentage discounts, will set your offers apart from the crowd. Moreover, keeping abreast of market trends, such as the demand for ergonomic and work-from-home furniture, will allow businesses to curate a compelling product selection.

Partnering with reputable office chair manufacturers like Stellar, known for exceptional quality and cost-effective solutions, ensures that furniture stores have access to top-notch products. Armed with these strategies and insights, furniture businesses can unlock the full potential of Black Friday deals, offers, discounts, and sales, propelling them toward a prosperous and rewarding sale season.

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