Stay Fit While Working from Home

Here are 5 Stellar Wellness Tips for staying fit while working from home:

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Work from home

1. Make a Routine:

There used to be these times when we had a fixed routine from kids going to school to men and women travelling to their workplace. Working from home has changed the general life routine that we worked to build for years. It’s time we set up a routine for ourselves which gives us proper time for not only work but all other daily life activities as well.

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Work From Home Exercise

2. Exercise:

Staying fit is the key to a healthy and active lifestyle. There’s only limited physical activity happening when we stay at home. Exercise regularly to keep your body fit. Exercise keeps you energetic and gives you the physical strength to keep up with your daily work routine. Try to take out at least 30 minutes to exercise daily.

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work from home health

3. Nutrition:

To have a healthy lifestyle, apart from exercising it is equally important to have a balanced diet in place. As per your daily physical activity, you need to plan your meals. Include fruits, raw vegetables and a lot of fluids in your diet.

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work from home yoga

4. Yoga and Meditation:

Work from home has not only affected our physical health but also disturbed us mentally and emotionally. Not being able to socialise as much as we did during our office routine has resulted in a feeling of boredom and frustration towards life. This is where Yoga and Meditation can play an important role in our life. We should practice Yoga and Meditation regularly to keep us mentally & emotionally healthy and stay focused.

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Work from home ergonomic furniture

5. Ergonomic Furniture:

Ergonomic furniture means furniture that is designed to support function and comfort for human use, reducing the risk of joint pain, back issues and neck pains. Having an ergonomically designed workstation helps you being more productive and at the same time protecting you from any short or long term discomfort.

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