Top Office Chair Manufacturers in China

When it comes to buying office chairs, China is the go-to place. More than 50% of the world’s office chairs are made there, making it the best spot for finding affordable and high-quality options. The main advantage is the lower costs due to large-scale production in places like Shunde and Foshan.

Choosing office chair manufacturers from China means you get a wide range of choices. Whether you want fixed chairs, swivel chairs with mesh, PU leather, fabric seats, or different colors, China has it all.
Office chair manufacturers from China are known for their great designs and quality. However, it’s important to note that not all suppliers are the same, so it’s crucial to do some research to find the right manufacturing partner, especially if you plan to import chairs regularly for selling or business purposes.
When it comes to office chair manufacturers in China, there are plenty of options available. Places like Foshan have a concentration of expertise, and their strategic locations near the sea make importing more cost-effective.
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If you want to buy office chairs, consider getting them from China and partnering with office chair manufacturers from China. You’ll get affordability, variety, great design, and quality. With many options to choose from, you can find the perfect office chair manufacturing partner for a successful business.

Here is the list of the top office chair manufacturers from China:

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Stellar stands out as the premier office chair manufacturer in China, leveraging 32 years of expertise. Stellar’s office chair factory is located in Foshan, in an area of 20K sq meters. With a global presence in over 80 countries, we cater to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, offering top-notch office furniture and comprehensive solutions for commercial projects. Specializing in high-quality furniture for large-format stores, retail chains, corporate offices, and projects, Stellar provides end-to-end turnkey solutions. Our services include product advice, design, space utilization, manufacturing, quality control, documentation, logistics, and installation, ensuring our customers experience total peace of mind.

Exporting to more than 80 countries, the Stellar team comprehends the diverse quality standards and unique requirements of each region. This expertise allows us to facilitate large-scale project installations worldwide, consistently surpassing customer expectations. Most of our products adhere to ANSI BIFMA standards, and we have recently earned the Green Pro certificate for our commitment to sustainable products. Stellar stands as the top and best office chair manufacturer in China recognized for excellence in the field.
Drawing on its extensive experience, steadfast commitment to quality, and global presence, Stellar exemplifies the qualities that position China as the ultimate destination for retailers seeking top-notch office chairs. Furthermore, Foshan’s strategic coastal location provides a significant advantage, reducing import costs. When searching for the perfect office chair manufacturing partner, Stellar in Foshan stands out, offering an unparalleled blend of affordability, variety, design, and quality. Paired with cost-effective logistics, choosing Stellar as your office chair manufacturer from China can propel your retail and project business to thrive and flourish.
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SUNON is a well-known brand in China and has special recognition in Zhejiang Province. It started in Hangzhou in 1991, doing various things like making office furniture, and home furniture and investing in properties. Its main office is in Qianjiang New City.

Their executive and conference chairs are great because they find the perfect balance between being comfy and high-quality. These chairs have cool features like full-grain Nappa leather and use Durkopp sewing technology, which is the same kind used by Ferrari. As a top office chair manufacturer from China, SUNON is known for always doing excellent work and being innovative.
They do different types of business, like making, selling, and distributing furniture. SUNON’s main spot is at No. 200 Citizen Street, Sunon Central Business Building, Hangzhou 310020, China. They started in 1965 and offer various products like sofas, stools, lounge seating, and tables.
SUNON is a furniture company based in Qiantiang, and their place is around 300,000 square meters. They use really advanced technology to make their furniture, which makes it unique in how it looks and works.
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Onlead stands out as a prominent office chair manufacturer in China, established in 1996. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Onlead has become a respected brand, recognized as one of the top ten and the largest office furniture manufacturers in China. Their quality products have successfully secured numerous bids and tenders both domestically and internationally, making Onlead a leading enterprise in the Chinese office furniture industry and the largest office furniture contractor.
Onlead is dedicated to the design concept of fashion simplicity and humanistic technology. They have forged strategic partnerships with renowned brands like VITRA from Germany and OKAMURA from Japan, aiming to introduce world-leading design concepts and products into China. Many of Onlead’s products have received prestigious awards such as the “Red Dot Award” and “IF Design Award” in Germany, the “Good Design Award” in Japan, and the “Cotton Tree Award” in China. Additionally, their products hold international certifications like GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification in the United States.
Established in 1996, ONLEAD Office Furniture Co Ltd has a mission of providing humanistic office space solutions. As a market leader in the Chinese office furniture industry, they offer excellent office environment solutions for top 500 global corporations, international corporations, and national outstanding companies.
Onlead persists in a design philosophy that combines simple style and human-oriented technology. To enhance their market presence, they have partnered with Vitra and Okamura, bringing leading design ideas and products into China. Their commitment to excellence is further reinforced by winning international awards and certifications from authorities such as BIFMA and GREENGUARD, aligning with LEED standards for green building.
Diversifying their product range, Onlead provides furniture, wall partitions, lighting, carpets, and more. With a sales network spanning over 50 cities in China, Onlead is steadily expanding into the international market as a reliable and innovative office chair manufacturer from China.

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Lamex stands out as one of the leading office chair manufacturers in China and holds the prestigious position of being the world’s second-largest office furniture manufacturer. As one of the top ten brands in office furniture, Lamex is part of the HNI Group’s brand portfolio.
Committed to becoming the number one office furniture brand in Asia, Lamex boasts a diverse product line. Their factory is a comprehensive facility, housing production workshops, a quality testing center, design and development facilities, warehouses, administration centers, training spaces, and showrooms. This integrated setup enhances the efficiency of Lamex’s operations. Catering to high-end markets, Lamex offers executive economic chairs, leather chairs, villa chairs, and sofas.
Lamex, a manufacturer and supplier, is headquartered at 26/F, FOYER, 625 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong. Founded in 1977, the company specializes in providing seating and desking services, tables and chairs, sofas, lounges, and stools.
As a Hong Kong-based furniture maker and supplier, Lamex is recognized as one of the pioneers in the modern furniture business. Renowned for its high-quality products, Lamex has solidified its position as one of the leading office chair manufacturers in China, emphasizing excellence and innovation.

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Aurora stands out as one of the leading office chair manufacturers in China, with its roots tracing back to its founding in 1965. Today, Aurora is a highly recognized trademark in China, boasting prestigious accolades such as the China Environmental Certification, Shanghai Famous Brand, and Shanghai Famous Trademark. Notably, Aurora takes pride in its position among the top 10 office chair manufacturers from China.
Founded in 1965, Aurora Group has accumulated over 50 years of practical experience and has become one of the best office furniture brands in Taiwan. With a strong presence in Taiwan for more than two decades, Aurora operates with a commitment to creating better office environments. Their extensive marketing channels encompass over 1,500 direct and distribution sites across both sides of the Taiwan Strait, offering comprehensive services to customers.
The production base, situated in Jiading District, Shanghai, spans an impressive 240,000 square meters. Aurora’s business portfolio extends across various industries, including office equipment, office furniture, 3D printing, electronics, intelligent equipment, and cloud business. Their primary marketing model is direct sales, emphasizing a direct connection with customers.

Aurora is a standout office chair manufacturer in China, recognized for its long-standing legacy, environmental certifications, and top-ranking position among office furniture manufacturers in China. Their commitment to creating superior office environments and their diverse business areas make Aurora a prominent player in the industry.

Conclusion: In conclusion, China stands tall as the global hub for office chair manufacturing, offering an unparalleled combination of affordability, variety, design, and quality. With more than 50% of the world’s office chairs produced in China, the country’s large-scale production centers in places like Shunde and Foshan contribute to lower costs, making it the ultimate destination for those seeking high-quality office furniture.

Our exploration of top office chair manufacturers in China highlights the industry leaders who have not only established themselves domestically but have also made significant contributions on the global stage. Stellar, Sunon, Onlead, Lamex, and Aurora represent the epitome of excellence, each with its unique strengths and contributions to the thriving office furniture landscape in China.

Out of these office chair manufacturers from China, Stellar showcase a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, evident in certifications such as ANSI BIFMA standards and Green Pro certificates. Foshan, with its strategic coastal location, emerges as a key advantage, reducing import costs and facilitating cost-effective logistics.

Discover excellence in office chair manufacturing with Stellar. Elevate your business with top-notch, quality office furniture. Explore our extensive range of designs, superior craftsmanship, and sustainable solutions. Partner with Stellar for an unrivalled combination of affordability, variety, design, and quality.

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