Why are Office Project companies worldwide, importing Office Furniture from China and India?

The Benefits of Importing Office Furniture from China


When we are executing the interiors of any commercial workspace, the bulk of the cost goes towards Office Furniture. Therefore any project management company would logically look at reducing this cost and getting more value for their money.Why are Office Project companies worldwide, importing Office Furniture from China and India?

However, the challenge is also that project management companies and the customers for whom they execute the commercial workspace projects are not furniture industry experts. They may not have adequate knowledge about how office furniture is manufactured, how it can be customized, how to offer alternate materials or designs to reduce cost or enhance space utilization etc. Most importantly they may be apprehensive about importing office furniture and office chairs because of hassles related to dealing with overseas suppliers, import procedures, shipping, and the like.


But to those in the know, importing office furniture from China, India or Turkey has always been an opportunity to increase their business prospects, enhance customer satisfaction, and offer more value for money. In this equation, China was usually the first choice and in many ways still is, because of their cost-efficient, large-scale manufacturing capability and enormous choice. But the last few years have seen challenges in the supply chain necessitating customers to look at other options as well.


Stellar: Your Trusted Partner in Office Furniture Imports

Stellar as a Trans-national office chair and Office Furniture manufacturer in China has been operating for the last 32 years and exports to over 80 countries worldwide and has the unique position of operating extensively from both India and China, so no matter where you are, you get the best of both worlds when you buy office furniture and work chairs from Stellar who have a product range with thousands of products and have consistently invested in developing their own molds and unique designs that take pride of place in hundred of showrooms and offices across the world.



Stellar in China is based out of Foshan which is the world’s largest furniture manufacturing hub and while we have been a leading exporter of office chairs and office furniture from China for decades now, we have an even longer history of operations from India and have a robust supply chain that spans the length and width of the country. With increasingly better materials and machinery, the Office Furniture and office chairs we make in India are also similarly cutting edge and best in class by global standards.



Stellar has been the furniture partner for many global commercial workspace projects including MNC offices, Universities, Government offices, Libraries, Auditoria, etc. Most recently we have completed a massive project at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) Headquarters, Muscat which is spread over 28,000 sq. meters and where the entire furniture planning and execution has been managed by Stellar as a turnkey project.


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We have also handled turnkey projects for Aga Khan University in Kenya, Sketchers & Tata Power in India, and many others across the world. What sets us apart in the commercial projects space is the unique combination of three factors:


  1. End-to-end support from design to 3D simulation, workspace planning, manufacturing, shipping, import-export processes, installation, and after-sales support. This makes Stellar much more than just a office furniture manufacturer, but actually, your Project Partner who enables anybody to be able to plan and execute a project flawlessly with our expert advice and support.

  2. Unlimited Products: While we do manufacture some of the best products when it comes to office chairs, desks, workstations, storage, reception tables, and waiting area furniture or soft seating for breakout areas, you may also need something different like marble top coffee tables. Having the decades of experience we have, it is very easy for us to get you almost anything when it comes to your office interior project from the best source at the best price.

  3. Value for money: While China is known for cost-efficient manufacturing, it is also equally true that many buyers internationally hesitate to place their trust because of language and communication issues they face which could lead to misunderstandings. Stellar as a truly multinational office furniture manufacturer bridges the gap giving you value for money, low-cost products with Stellar support and transparent communication.




If you are planning an office, university, library, auditorium, or any other commercial workspace project for yourself or for a client, you must absolutely consider Stellar and discuss how importing the office furniture and office chairs you need could save you a fortune.


Stellar is an international office furniture manufacturer that has been in the business for over 32 years and exports furniture to over 80 countries worldwide. We regularly export office furniture and office chairs to hundreds of retail stores and retail chains and have helped plan and execute several large-scale projects in different parts of the world from co-working places to commercial offices, government buildings, educational institutions – schools & colleges, libraries, and auditoria.


Get in touch with us if you’re looking for an office furniture manufacturer or if you’re planning any large-scale commercial project and need help with any type of commercial furniture imports.

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