Why Home Furniture Sellers should also Sell Office Furniture

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


In the dynamic world of furniture retail, home furniture sellers can unlock new opportunities by expanding their offerings to include office furniture. This strategic shift provides several advantages, such as increased sales volumes with a smaller retail footprint, better return on investment, and the potential for large project sales. With the rising trend of remote work, the demand for home office furniture has surged, presenting a lucrative market.

Additionally, office furniture’s stability in design minimizes dead stock concerns, and its compact packaging allows for efficient eCommerce transit.


This blog explores the compelling reasons why home furniture sellers should diversify their inventory to include office furniture.

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1. More sale volumes by occupying a smaller retail floor area

Display of office furniture mainly consists of office chair, office desk and storage units which require less space compared to home furniture, which generally consists of beds, sofa set, dining set, storage etc. Orders for office furniture are generally in bigger quantities than home furniture, resulting in better sales.

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Stellar Office Furniture

2. Better Return On Investment

For a furniture store ROI on office furniture is always better than Home furniture. Office furniture occupies less display space and generally gets sold in quantity, unlike Home furniture. With home furniture, the design and style changes are seasonal whereas Office furniture stores generally maintain the same products for a longer duration.


3. Projects – Larger sale volumes

Offices generally purchase furniture in bulk, with some design and space management assistance, stores can easily cater to these projects which result in high sale volumes. Projects can vary from a small scale project (5-10 chairs and 2-3 desks) to a large scale project (800-1000 chairs, 200 desks, reception tables and storage units) depending on your scale of business.

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Stellar Work From Home Furniture

4. Changing trend- Work from Home


Early in the pandemic in late April, 52% of employed Americans said they were always working from home to avoid catching or spreading the coronavirus, while another 18% reported sometimes working from home, according to a survey by Gallup. A later survey found half said they’d like to continue doing this permanently–including 27% who cited both a preference for remote work and fear of the coronavirus. These changing trends have lead to increased sales in work from home furniture, which includes office chairs and work desks.

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Stellar Office Chairs

5. Effectively Less Dead Stock

Office furniture products are less prone to change in design or style as compared to home furniture, where the product goes out of style very fast, leading to dead stock and end of season sales. Office furniture stores generally maintain the same styles for years.

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Stellar Office Chairs

6. Easier transit for eCommerce- smaller packaging size 

Delivery is an important aspect of the furniture business, many of the home furniture products have limitations in terms of delivery range, as otherwise, the delivery cost can sometimes be more than the product cost itself. Office chairs are generally disassembled for packaging and can be shipped easily.


7. DIY assembly for office furniture

Unlike Home furniture products where the store needs to send their staff to pack and assemble the product, office furniture can be easily assembled by the customer without any professional help. This significantly decreases the store responsibility and also operational expenses.

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Stellar Exhibiting Office Furniture in CIFF

In conclusion, for home furniture sellers seeking to broaden their horizons and boost profitability, the integration of office furniture into their offerings proves to be a strategic and lucrative move. Stellar, as a leading office furniture manufacturer with over 32 years of industry expertise, stands as the perfect partner for this expansion.


With a commitment to quality, innovative design, and a diverse product range, Stellar provides the ideal solutions for retailers looking to tap into the growing market for office furniture. Elevate your business, maximize sales potential, and cater to evolving customer needs by partnering with Stellar – your gateway to a more comprehensive and successful furniture retail experience.


Explore Stellar’s extensive range of office furniture today and redefine your retail success!

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