Top 10 Office Chair Companies in Guatemala

The office chair industry in Guatemala is experiencing significant growth, driven by several key factors like the rising popularity of commercial buildings, co-working spaces, and open-plan offices, all of which require functional and stylish office furniture.

This expansion is proving to be beneficial for the country’s economy as it generates employment opportunities and stimulates economic activity.

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One major contributor to this growth is the increasing number of businesses in Guatemala, particularly in the service sector. As more businesses are established, there is a rising demand for office furniture, including ergonomic office chairs. This demand is fueled by the fact that Guatemalan workers are spending longer hours at their desks, making the need for comfortable and supportive seating essential.

Furthermore, there is a growing awareness of the importance of creating a healthy and comfortable work environment. This awareness is prompting businesses and individuals to seek high-quality office chairs that can enhance the well-being of employees. In this dynamic landscape, the Guatemalan office furniture industry is actively contributing to the country’s economy. The industry places a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation, positioning itself for continued growth in the years to come.
It’s worth noting that the majority of office chairs in Guatemala are imported, primarily from China. While there are many office furniture and office chair suppliers are there in China but Stellar, is a leading brand from Foshan, China It holds a prominent presence in the Guatemalan market and serves as a trusted manufacturing partner for office furniture wholesalers, distributors, and importers across over 80 countries worldwide and office chair companies in Guatemala as well.

Market Overview

In 2023, the office furniture market in Guatemala is predicted to make around US$65.48 million in sales. It’s expected that this market will keep growing at a yearly rate of about 11.99% from 2023 to 2027. So, by 2027, it’s estimated that the market size will be around US$103.00 million.
Join us as we take a closer look at Guatemala’s lively office furniture and office chair industry, and together, we’ll explore some of the popular office chair companies in Guatemala.

1. Mobarte Office Furniture & more

Year: 1985
Address: 11 Avenida sur final, 11 Avenida 14-79, Cdad. de Guatemala 01010, Guatemala
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Company Information: Mobarte is a prominent company specializing in the import and manufacture of various types of furniture, including those designed for schools, offices, restaurants, churches, and more. Mobarte offers a comprehensive approach to office projects, not only selling furniture but also providing expert architectural services. They specialize in creating efficient workspaces, improving productivity, and ensuring project execution efficiency. Their services encompass everything from project surveys to the execution of various tasks, always emphasizing clear communication with clients and adherence to budgets.


2. Humanscale

Year– 1983
Address: Colonia Kanajuyu 2, Guatemala

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Company Information: Humanscale is a top designer and maker of ergonomic products that make work more comfortable and healthier. They offer award-winning office solutions like self-adjusting chairs, standing desks, monitor stands, and task lighting, all designed to encourage movement and support different sitting positions. Humanscale believes that simplicity leads to the best functionality. Their ergonomic chairs use the sitter’s body weight and natural physics for comfort, avoiding complicated mechanisms. They’ve had a long partnership with designer Niels Diffrient, resulting in award-winning chairs like Freedom, Diffrient Smart, Diffrient World, and Liberty. They also work with other respected designers to create new ergonomic products.


3. Plus – Mobiliario /

Year– in the business for 20 years
Address: 4A Avenida 12-59 zona 10 Plaza Fontabella Local 3FA Guatemala, 01010, Guatemala

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Company Information: Their aim is to lead in corporate and commercial furniture by delivering high-quality, unique designs that transform spaces. Their team of specialized professionals studies furniture design and imports, creating more than just furniture – they offer a top-notch experience. They’ve overcome challenges and improved our chair models with unique backrests and BIFMA certification. The chairs prioritize health with ergonomic designs, providing unmatched comfort and special features that exceed expectations and ensure a world-class experience.



Year– 1992
Address: 20 Calle 10-14, Cdad. de Guatemala 01010, Guatemala

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Company Information: Founded in 1992, Innovación is a service company operating in Central America. They focus on offering a range of products to various industries in the region. They create innovative and practical office solutions that enhance operational efficiency for businesses. Their specialty lies in providing seating, furniture, storage solutions, and office divisions. They aim to be a valuable resource for our customers by actively seeking the best equipment solutions while ensuring they get the most out of their investments.


5. Arista

Year – 1986
Address: Avenida La Reforma 10-23, Cdad. de Guatemala 01010, Guatemala

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Company Information: Arista is a company experienced in helping with furniture and construction for indoor spaces. They offer consulting, sales, installation, and interior design services with a strong focus on excellent customer service. Their expertise lies in architecture, furniture, office equipment, and space design. They prioritize understanding our clients’ needs, challenges, and goals, drawing from our extensive regional experience to provide valuable advice. They partner with top brands in the industry, ensuring high-quality products and staying up-to-date with industry knowledge.


6. Muebles Fiesta Guatemala

Year- 1958
Address: Km. 20 carretera Linda Vista, Guatemala, Villa Nueva 00004, GT

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Company Information: Muebles Fiesta is a family-owned business in Guatemala that started in 1958 as the first furniture store in the country. They have over 40 stores across various cities, offering a wide selection of furniture for both homes and offices. Their furniture is imported and known for its high quality, all available at competitive prices. The business has grown from a single store to a massive expansion with stores in major shopping centers. They specialize in home furnishings, including beds, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, closets, and desks, and have been serving customers for generations, now led by the fourth generation.


7. Muebles Continental Guatemala

Year– 1995
Address: 1a Avenida 2-51, Interior 16, zona 1, Boca del Monte, Villa Canales Guatemala, Guatemala 01069, GT

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Company Information: The steel processing industry in Guatemala is thriving, and it’s a hub for producing top-notch office furniture. These furniture makers are known for their quality and have earned ISO 9000 certification, a mark of excellence in their processes and products. This means they meet international standards for quality management. So, if you’re looking for high-quality office furniture in Guatemala, these are the go-to places.


8. Offymarket Guatemala


Year– 2006

Address: 20 calle 18-58 zona 10 01010, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala 1010, GT

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Company Information: At Offymarket, they have a wide selection of seating options, including chairs with fabric, mesh, leather, or leather upholstery. What’s great for their customers is that they receive a 5-year warranty along with maintenance service and spare parts support. They are a Guatemalan company specializing in making and selling office furniture, educational furniture, auditorium setups, sports facilities, and other solutions tailored to the market’s needs. Their specialties include office furniture, seating, computer workstations, desks, filing cabinets, and comfortable armchairs.


9. Proyectos Betel

Year– 1982
Address: 15 avenida 0-64 zona 3 de Mixco colonia Nueva Monserrat
 Guatemala, Guatemala.
Company Information: They make and sell office furniture like desks, filing cabinets, and chairs. They also help design office spaces based on our clients’ specific requirements and measurements. Whether it’s creating reception areas, call centers, or managerial offices, they offer free measurement and design services. Before they start making anything, they show our customers a preview of the design, so they can be sure it meets their needs and preferences. They aim to customize and create office spaces that make their clients happy with the final result.

10. Grupo Modulares

Address: 1 Avenida 2-51, Interior 16 Zona 1, Boca del Monte, Villa Canales, Guatemala, Guatemala 01065, GT

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Company Information: They’re a leading company in the region that specializes in designing and creating workspaces. They do it all – from architectural design to complete workspace solutions. This includes making custom furniture and importing global furniture for Central America. With 30 years of experience, we’ve been solving workspace challenges for corporate offices, medium-sized businesses, banks, hotels, and stores. Their specialties include modular furniture, office design, full-service projects, corporate offices, and everything related to office furniture and architecture.


Stellar: Best Office Chair Supplier for Retailers in Guatemala

Stellar’s Expertise and Experience: Stellar has a lot of knowledge and experience that makes us stand out in the office furniture business. We’ve been in this industry for more than 32 years, starting in 1991. Over time, we’ve become a trustworthy and dependable partner. We have our own factories in China and India, including a large 20,000-square-meter facility in Foshan, China. This allows us to make sure our furniture is of high quality and made efficiently. With our many years in the business, we understand the unique needs of different markets, which helps us provide the best solutions for different places and industries.
Global Reach and Market Insights: We sell our products in more than 80 countries worldwide, which shows that we’re a leading international office furniture manufacturer. Being present in so many places lets us keep up with the latest trends and changes in the market. We are more than just manufacturers; we are your partners in achieving success. We provide useful information about the market and help you adjust to the changing world of office furniture. Whether you’re a seller, distributor, or a business looking for comfortable furniture, Stellar gives you the advantage of a global view and knowledge about the market.
Stellar’s Commitment to Quality: At Stellar, we’re very serious about making high-quality products. Everything we make comes with a warranty, and we even include spare parts with every order to make sure you’re covered. We’re open to customizing our designs, colors, and materials to fit your needs. We also encourage third-party inspections to make sure we’re being transparent and accountable in how we make our furniture. Our prices are competitive, and you get a lot of value for what you pay, making Stellar a great choice for businesses that want both quality and affordability.
Comprehensive Support and Collaboration: We know that being successful in the office furniture business is about more than just making good products. That’s why we offer a lot of support to our partners. If you need help with things like importing, negotiating shipping rates, or any other part of your business, we’re here to assist. We can also help you save money on shipping by combining multiple products in the same container. At Stellar, we believe that your success is our success, and we’re committed to working together in a way that benefits both of us.
When you pick Stellar as your partner in making office chairs, you get access to our knowledge, global reach, and our strong commitment to quality. We’re not just a manufacturer; we’re your strategic partner in making sure your customers have comfortable and satisfying office furniture.

How to get started with Stellar:

Starting your partnership with Stellar is easy and uncomplicated. Here’s how you can begin:
  • Reach Out to Us: First, get in touch with our dedicated team.

  • Request a Quote: Once you’ve connected with us, the next step is to ask for a price estimate that matches your specific needs for office chairs. Our team will assist you in this process to make sure you get a detailed and competitive quote.

  • Customization Options: We understand that every business and person has their own unique preferences when it comes to office chairs. That’s why we provide a wide range of customization choices to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Conclusion: We’ve been researching the top office chair brands in Guatemala to see what they offer and how they stand out in the industry. Among them, we found Stellar, a well-respected office chair manufacturer with 32 years of experience and a presence in over 80 countries worldwide. Stellar is a reliable and creative partner for businesses in Guatemala looking for high-quality office chairs. When you partner with Stellar, you gain numerous benefits that can enhance your business.
As we wrap up our investigation, we want you to consider all the advantages of teaming up with Stellar. Whether you’re a furniture seller, distributor, or a business owner, Stellar can help improve your office furniture offerings. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your business and provide your customers with top-notch office chairs. Contact us today, request a price estimate, and discover how Stellar can enhance your office furniture business.
Take your office furniture business to the next level with Stellar. There are many opportunities, from customizing chairs to reaching customers worldwide. If you have any questions or wish to collaborate, please reach out to us. Your journey towards success begins with Stellar. Contact us today.

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