Top 10 Office Chair Companies in Peru

Peru – the fastest-growing economy in Latin America, is also witnessing a remarkable surge in the demand for good quality office chairs and business furniture to fit out the large number of offices, co-working places, and other commercial buildings that are coming up everywhere. Businesses and individuals alike are on the hunt for ergonomic seating and workplace furniture, to elevate their offices and this brings good tidings for all office chairs and furniture suppliers as well as for manufacturers and furniture wholesalers throughout Peru.

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Although there has been an increase in the domestic manufacture of desks and workstations in the last few years in Peru, a large part of the revolving chairs market relies on imported chairs, especially those imported from China. While there are many good (and not so good) furniture suppliers in China, a leading brand there is Stellar from Foshan, China, who are a trusted manufacturing partner for office furniture wholesalers, distributors and importers in over 80 countries worldwide and who have a very strong presence in the Latin American market.

Here are some well known office furniture companies in Peru. Join us as we explore this dynamic industry and uncover the top office chair companies of Peru.

Market Overview

The recently released Expert Reports study, titled ‘The Latin American Furniture Market, Report and Forecast 2022-2027,’ provides a comprehensive analysis of the market, examining it based on type, end-use, distribution channels, and key regions. The report delves into key factors contributing to success and limitations, tracks industry trends, and assesses their impact on the overall market.

In 2021, the Latin American furniture market reached a value of $15.6 billion and is expected to continue growing from 2022 to 2027, primarily driven by the rising trend of office remodeling. Furniture, which serves various purposes like seating, storage, and more, is accessible both online and offline, made from diverse materials such as wood, fabric, plastic, glass, and marble. It can be either fixed or movable, catering to needs in, offices, and other settings. Furthermore, there’s an uptick in office furniture requirements, which is expected to contribute to employment generation and industry development.

Growing Demand for Quality Office Chairs

In this evolving landscape of office furniture imports, one trend stands out prominently – the growing demand for quality office chairs. As businesses in Peru continue to modernize their workspaces and recognize the significance of ergonomic seating, the import of office chairs, especially those designed for comfort and functionality, is on the rise.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the world of office chairs in Peru, exploring the top brands that cater to this burgeoning demand. From innovative designs to exceptional quality, we’ll uncover the factors that make office chairs a focal point in Peru’s evolving office furniture market.

Office Chair Companies in Peru

1. Contract SA

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Type of Business: Furniture and Architectural Finishes Distributor

Year Founded: 1983

Address – Av. Camino Real 1281. Of 203 / Lima, Peru

Company Information: Demarka, later known as Contract SA, was established in 1983. In 2001, the company rebranded as Contract SA and secured the distribution license from Herman Miller. For 39 years, Contract SA has dedicated itself to the design, selection, and curation of the finest furniture and architectural finishes brands. Their mission revolves around transforming spaces into functional and inspiring environments, positively impacting organizational processes, and enhancing the well-being of individuals. In 2019, Herman Miller appointed Contract SA as its exclusive distributor in Peru, solidifying their reputation as a trusted provider of quality furnishings and architectural solutions.

2. Tribeca SAC

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Type of Business: Office Furniture Retailer

Year Founded: 1912

Location: Av. Angamos Oeste 1539 Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Company Information: Tribeca SAC is the authorized dealer of Steelcase in Peru. Steelcase is a renowned American office furniture company with a rich history dating back to 1912. They are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative office furniture solutions designed to enhance productivity and well-being in the workplace. With a global presence,

3. Ergomatic SAC

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Type of Business: Office Furniture Retailer

Year Founded: 2011

Location: Av. Guardia Civil 1321, Oficina 1804 Surquillo Lima

Company Information: Ergomatic is a company specialized in providing goods and services for the provision of spaces: corporate, educational, health care, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, transport terminals and communities, through the distribution of prestigious internationally recognized brands such as: Haworth, Panelfold , Interface, Eun Grupo, Mepal, Dauphin, Okamura, Oasys Chair, Duoback, Gaber, Valo, Nouestil, Infiniti Design, Kusch+co and Humanscale.

4. Tizianni

Type of Business: Office Furniture Manufacturer and Retailer

Year Founded: 2012

Address: Av. Aviación 4641, Santiago de Surco 15038, Peru

Company Information: Tizianni is a furniture company based in Lima, Peru, specializing in the creation of high-quality ergonomic seating solutions. Established in 2012, their commitment is to enhance comfort and promote better health. They take pride in offering a range of seating options, including premium office chairs, executive chairs, operational chairs, visiting chairs, armchairs, and lumbar supports.

5. Studio 3

Type of Business: Office Furniture Supplier Year Founded: 1992 Address: 759, Av. Angamos Oeste 757, Miraflores Company Information: In 1992, a family business was born, bringing together professionals well-versed in the office furniture industry’s needs. Their collective expertise and unwavering dedication led to significant breakthroughs and consistent results. Over time, the quality of their work translated into client satisfaction, fostering trust and fostering growth. Thanks to their valuable human capital, they’ve emerged as one of the premier suppliers of comprehensive office furniture solutions.

6. Prove Fabrica

Type of Business: Office Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturer and Distributor

Address: Avenida Los Tucanes S/N, Lima 15457, Peru

Year Founded: 2011

Company Information: Provefabrica is a dynamic and expanding multinational company with a robust 20-year track record. They specialize in importing, marketing, and manufacturing wholesale chairs, with a mission to provide our clients with new and improved commercial opportunities. As industry leaders in the region, they are dedicated to offering top-quality chairs for various applications, including office, home, and design projects.

7. ETC Store Sillas & Mobiliario

Type of Business: Office Furniture and Home Furnishings Retailer

Year Founded: 2012

Location: Jr. Aries 818, Los Olivos 15301, Peru

Company Information: They are a 100% Peruvian company specializing in the sale of ergonomic chairs for both office and home environments. Established in 2012, their commitment is to offer a wide range of chair models, including designer, bar, and fixed chairs, to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. The products are meticulously designed to prioritize comfort and support, contributing to improved user health and productivity.

8. Office Decor

Type of Business: Office Furniture Manufacturer and Interior Design Services

Address: Jirón Mercator 476 – B, San Borja 15036, Peru

Year Founded: 2015 Location: Lima, Peru

Company Information: With over a decade of experience, they are a Peruvian company specializing in the direct manufacturing of office furniture. Their comprehensive services now extend to interior design, encompassing office remodeling and operating license assistance. Their dedicated team of architects and design experts offers valuable advice, considering anthropometric and ergonomic factors, to develop projects. They provide end-to-end implementation, including the manufacture and installation of furniture, along with related civil works such as drywall, ceilings, and glass partitions—all under one roof.

9. Sapelli Furniture

Type of Business: Premium Contract Furniture Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1996

Address: Parcella 1, Mz B lote 16, Villa EL Salvador 15023, Peru

Company Information: Sapelli Furniture is a distinguished company with 27 years of expertise in crafting high-quality furniture projects. They are committed to enhancing interior design propositions by prioritizing qualities such as superior quality, exquisite design, functionality, and meticulous attention to detail.

10. Monaco furniture

Type of Business: Office and Educational Furniture Manufacturer and Distributor

Year Founded: Over 12 years of experience

Address: Jirón Conchucos 187, Lima 02002, Peru

Company Information: Monaco Peru is a reputable company with more than 12 years of expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of office, corporate, and educational furniture. As versatile manufacturers, they cater to a wide range of office furniture needs, including custom projects. Their commitment to quality ensures that They provide durable and comfortable furniture solutions for corporations and educational institutions across Peru.

Stellar: Best Office Chair Supplier for Retailers in Peru

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Stellar’s Expertise and Experience: Stellar boasts a wealth of expertise and experience that sets us apart in the world of office furniture manufacturing. With over three decades in the industry, our journey began in 1991, and since then, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner. Our own factories in China and India, including a sprawling 20,000-square-meter facility in Foshan, China, enable us to maintain stringent quality control while ensuring efficiency in production. This extensive experience has equipped us with a deep understanding of the nuances of every market, giving us valuable insights into what works best for different regions and industries.

Global Reach and Market Insights: Our global reach extends to over 80 countries worldwide, solidifying our position as an international leader in office furniture manufacturing. This extensive presence allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of evolving market trends and dynamics. We’re not just a manufacturer; we’re your partner in success, offering valuable market insights and helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of office furniture demands. Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or business seeking ergonomic solutions, Stellar brings you the advantage of a global perspective and market intelligence.

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Stellar’s Commitment to Quality: At Stellar, our commitment to quality is unwavering. All our products are covered under warranty, and we go the extra mile by including spare parts with every order. This dedication to quality assurance ensures that you receive top-notch office chairs and furniture that meet and exceed industry standards. We welcome customization, allowing you to tailor designs, colors, and materials to your specific needs. Furthermore, we encourage third-party inspections, emphasizing transparency and accountability in our manufacturing process. Our competitive prices and exceptional Value to Cost ratio make Stellar the ideal choice for businesses seeking both quality and affordability.

Comprehensive Support and Collaboration: We understand that success in the office furniture industry requires more than just manufacturing expertise. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to all our partners. Whether you need assistance with import processes, negotiating rates with shippers, or any other aspect of your operations, we’re here to help. We also facilitate order aggregation, making shipping more cost-effective by combining multiple products in the same container. At Stellar, we believe that your success is our success, and we’re dedicated to fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.

When you choose Stellar as your manufacturing partner, you gain access to a wealth of expertise, global reach, and a commitment to quality that is second to none. We’re not just a manufacturer; we’re your strategic ally in the pursuit of ergonomic excellence and customer satisfaction in the world of office furniture.

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How to Get Started with Stellar

Initiating your journey with Stellar is simple and straightforward. To get started, you can reach out to our dedicated team:

Once you’ve connected with us, the next step is to request a quote tailored to your office furniture needs. Our team will guide you through this process to ensure that you receive a comprehensive and competitive quote.

At Stellar, we understand that every business and individual has unique preferences when it comes to office furniture. That’s why we offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Conclusion: We’ve explored the top office chair brands in Peru, delving into their offerings, specialties, and contributions to this dynamic industry. Amidst this thriving landscape, Stellar, a distinguished office chair manufacturer with 32 years of experience and a global presence in over 80 countries, stands out as a reliable and innovative partner for businesses seeking quality office chairs in Peru. With Stellar as your partner, you gain access to a wealth of benefits that can transform your business.

As we wrap up this exploration, we encourage you to consider the numerous advantages of partnering with Stellar. Whether you’re a furniture retailer, distributor, or business owner, Stellar is your key to elevating your office furniture offerings. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your business and provide your customers with the best in office chair excellence. Contact us today, request a quote, and unlock the potential of partnering with Stellar to take your office furniture business to new heights.

Elevate your office furniture business with Stellar. Explore endless opportunities, from customization to global reach. Contact us now for inquiries and collaboration. Your path to success starts with Stellar. Connect today.


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